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Memory and exams

Author: Tom Burns, Sandra Sinfeld (London Metropolitan University)
Description: A series of PowerPoint slides on memory and revision techniques. It also includes suggestions for activities following on from the presentation.
Estimated activity time: 20 minutes
Type of media: Webpage, Slides, Powerpoint file
Licence: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0
(This resource can be freely repurposed and reused)
Category: Assessment
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For a session with students re-visiting or covering memory, learning styles, revision and exam techniques. The ppt can be used with a group of students and then: Activities that can follow a session like this:

  • Set the task of devising a revision resource or a revision game for one of their courses. Students will have to demonstrate the resource or play the game with a group of their fellow students
  • Set the task of different groups producing revision aids for one course – but using different learning styles or different ones of Gardiner’s seven intelligences: they can sing them, draw them, make them…
  • Get the students to draw up a personal Learning Contract for each exam, covering the following: What I will have to do to pass (or to get a C, get a B, get an A…); What the tutor has said s/he will do; What might stop me (and how I might over come that); What’s in it for me (long term benefits).

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