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Where does the time go?

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It may always feel like you haven't got enough time, but where does your time actually go? Try this exercise to get a proper idea of what actually takes up your time. Start by downloading this PDF handout which includes a 24 hour grid to help you to work out where your time goes. Once you have a clearer idea of what takes up your time, you can focus your efforts to work more effectively in the most appropriate areas. For instance, do you spend a lot of time trying to find books and articles?  If you are easily distracted by Facebook or videogames? Check our tips on dealing with distractions. You will get the best idea of how you use your time if you complete a new grid every day for a few days - three would be sufficient. However, even doing it for one day can be an eye-opener - if you're honest! How to use the grid: Fill in your start time when you get up. Don't wait till the end of the day to complete it - set an hourly alarm on your mobile and write in every hour till you go to bed.

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