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Learning Development Research

Learning Development ResearchIn this section you will find research on aspects of learning development, conducted or collated by LearnHigher. It includes data and discussion on what works and why in teaching and support initiatives and formats for learning development materials. In this section we aim to share the professional expertise and experience of our network of learning and educational developers and beyond, with literature reviewsresearch articles and project reports, lists of useful websites and other publications, and other materials that can support deeper understanding of the use of resources in learning development in HE.

All LearnHigher-developed resources are freely available for educational use under a Creative Commons by NC-SA licence.


Literature reviews

Academic writing: survey of literature (PDF)
Mobile learning: survey of literature on Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) (PDF)
Oral communication: survey of literature (PDF)
Personal development planning: survey of literature (PDF)
Report writing: survey of literature (PDF)
Time management: survey of literature (PDF)


Research articles and project reports

Group work: report on student survey (2006/07) (Doc)
Group work: report on student survey (2008-09) (Doc)
Learning for all: full text of journal article: Chapman, V. (2007-08), Developing inclusive curricula, Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (3) (PDF)
Notemaking: full text of journal article: Burns, T., Sinfield, S., Holley, D. and Hoskins, K. (2010), Changing students’ attitudes to notemaking by encouraging user generated content, Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education (2) (Doc)
Report writing: Project report: Academics’ needs in supporting student report writing (PDF)
Time management: Project report: Managing time at university: a learning development perspective on issues and effective interventions (PDF)
Time management: Project report: Using student feedback to develop resources for time management in higher education (PDF)
Time management: Poster presentation: Using student feedback to develop resources for time management in higher education (PowerPoint)
Time management: Poster presentation: Procrastination in university study: causes and solutions (PowerPoint)


Useful websites

To follow


Books and journals

Assessment: bibliography (PDF)
Critical thinking & reflection: book reviews (PDF)
Group work: reference list (Doc)
Listening and interpersonal skills: annotated list of journal articles (PDF)
Notemaking: bibliography (Doc)
Referencing: annotated bibliography (Doc)

Other materials

Time management: Presentation on research methods: Using practice-led enquiry to develop resources for time management in higher education (PowerPoint)