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Source Top Trumps

Author: Craig Morley (University of Chester) (University of Chester)
Description: • Identify good academic sources
• Describe pros and cons of different reading materials
• Create improved reference lists / in-text citations
Estimated activity time: 15 minutes
Type of media: Handout/s, Interactive learning object
Licence: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0
(This resource can be freely repurposed and reused)
Category: Doing Research Reading Research Skills
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This activity is useful for introducing Level 4 students to different reading materials at university, and the need to read credible and reliable sources when researching. Source Top Trumps provided. Specific resources needed for implementing this resource: Source Top Trumps, Source Information Sheets

Contributor's comments on the use of this resource:

Instructions for running the activity:

  1. Students read through the source Information sheets
  2. Students provide scores out of 5 for different characteristics (credibility, reliability, bias, involvement in academic debate) of each source on the Source Top Trumps
  3. Students order Source Top Trumps from ‘best’ to ‘worst’

Further Suggestions:

  • To add an element of gamification, Step 3 can also be performed in a ‘battle’, as in the regular way of playing Top Trumps.
  • Different information sheets may need to be created for different subjects and disciplines which may regard sources differently.

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