Reference Properly-Part One: Citations

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Activity time: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Types of media: Handout/s, Powerpoint file, Word document
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To learn what information should be included in a citation. To understand the importance of referencing as a tool to avoid plagiarism.
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Resource overview

The resource consists of a PowerPoint presentation and an accompanying activity booklet. The PowerPoint explains to students how to prepare citations following the Harvard System of Referencing. The activities in the booklet will allow students to practise and consolidate what has been shown in the presentation. The booklet includes an answer key.

Specific resources needed for implementing this resource:

Computer and projector.

Contributor’s comments on the use of this resource:

I have used this resource with undergraduate students and it worked very well. I have changed it slightly following students’ feedback. The PowerPoint works as an introduction to citations, and the activities (Microsoft Word document) give students ample opportunity to practise.

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