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Learnhigher is a collaborative site offering effective peer reviewed resources for university level study. To contribute a resource, please first read the guidelines below and then press the ‘Submit a resource’ button. Thank you.

The Learn Higher working group

Guidelines for submitting a resource to LearnHigher

Please read the below before submitting your resource to LearnHigher:

  • Resources submitted must adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1. Use the following checklists to check your resource suitability:
  • Resource submission criteria [PDF] (what you can and cannot do. E.g. resource expectations and acceptable files types)
  • Resource online submission help [PDF] (Guidance with our online submission form, and what to expect)
  • Please note:
    • We limit file submission to a maximum of five main items per resource.
    • Is your video and or audio resource narrated? Then please provide an accompanying separate transcript (under these circumstances you are allowed to exceed the five item limit).
    • We ONLY accept original resources, and not links to websites (e.g. your own institutional web-links).

Any issues?

If you have any files larger than 20Mb, please us our Contact Us form on this website and include the subject line ‘resource development larger files’.

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Please confirm that there is no rights restricted content within this material, and that you and all authors are happy to make this resource available under the Creative Commons licence (4.0) used by Learnhigher.