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Academic Presentations
A teacher-led overview of what the main features of presentations are and what things students might also overlook. This could be used with international students or any home student who is new to giving presentations. The session could lead onto students giving mini presentations on a subject/issue of interest.
Activity time: 45 mins
Types of media: Powerpoint file
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Videos to develop dissertation writing
Discuss the requirements of each dissertation chapter Apply the advice to your own dissertation
Activity time: Videos from 13-22 minutes each, but further time needed to complete activities
Types of media: Powerpoint file, PDF file, Video
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Essays: Conclusion paragraphs
Identify common parts in conclusion paragraphs for essays.
Activity time: 2 minutes
Types of media: Video
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Employability Skills Assessment
To acknowledge the skill employers are looking for in new employees in the workplace. Learners will identify their personal employability skill level and critically reflect upon how they can provide evidence that they have gained employability skills from their life and learning experiences.
Activity time: 30 minutes
Types of media: Worksheet
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Feedback action planning sheet
To understand sources and types of feedback To encourage engagement with assessment criteria To reflect on student behaviours facilitating/impairing performance in assignments To utilise feedback for action planning
Activity time: 45 minutes
Types of media: Worksheet, Handout/s, Word document
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What are Digital Capabilities?
To reflect upon the digital capabilities which are important to you
Activity time: 3 mins
Types of media: Video
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Learn Hacks
The animations are all based around the themes of productivity, curation, discovery, collaboration, impact and transferable skills. It is to highlight the many ways students can engage with technology to improve their learning experience.
Activity time: 3 minutes
Types of media: Video
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Easy Proofreading Wins with Microsoft Word
By completing these learning resources, students will be able to: Appreciate the limits and uses of Microsoft Word in aiding proofreading beyond built-in spelling and grammar checks. Use A-Z sort, Find, and Find and Replace to eliminate common proofreading errors efficiently. Find further free sources of developmental support for proofreading skills.
Activity time: 30 minutes
Types of media: Handout/s, Webpage, Helpsheet, Word document, PDF file, Quiz
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