The Three Domains of Critical Reading

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Activity time: Depends - could be 10 mins to 1 hour
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The Three Domains of Critical Reading
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Critical Thinking and Reflection, Note making, Reading

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A set of handouts which can be used to explore the various dimensions of reading critically. Slides which outline the three ways the resource could be used as a teaching activity.

Specific resources needed for implementing this resource:
pens. If applying it in a session, a set of extracts from scholarship could also be useful

Contributor’s comments on the use of this resource:
The Three Domains of Critical Reading is a framework to understand what is involved in reading at university in terms of critical analysis and evaluation. It can be used in 1-2-1 or lecture formats to explain the process, be used as a handout to act as a template for note-taking, or as a workshop activity, with students either discussing what questions would be appropriate, or applying it to a set of extracts. It can be used with dissertation students (UG3 or PGT) and in a simpler version, could be used with UG1 in a very scaffolded session.

More information on the framework and its use:

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